Swedish Cheese And Wine Tasting

Follow us on an exciting Swedish cheese and wine tasting in central Stockholm at Sheraton Hotell! The combination of well-chosen Swedish cheeses pared together with exquisite wines will surely create a taste bomb in your mouth! We dare to promise it. When we combine these two beauties together we make sure to get the texture, the basic tastes and aromas integrated and developed together. It is a winning combination based on a long tradition and experience. Many of the classic cheese and wine combinations are more than a thousand years old and have roots in ancient Roman Empire. Some classic combinations still stand today, while others seem strange to our modern palate. Under relaxing conditions, you will be able to try some classic exquisite combinations as well as some more exciting and modern variants. Join us on an exciting journey in Stockholm into the world of cheese and wine with flavors made for a connoisseur, all under a relaxed atmosphere.

An evening full of Swedish flavors and enjoyment!

The cheese and wine tasting is taking place in Sheraton Hotell Stockholm and are ongoing for approximately 1.5 hour. The sommelier will tell you about the characteristics of the wine and cheese, and how these affect your senses. The story is then slowly moving towards beautiful world of cheese and wine.

During the evening we will try out four classic combinations of wine and cheese. In parallel with this, a trained sommelier will explain what distinguishes each wine and cheese, and why these combinations become so excellent. Naturally this leads to conversations about each wine and what is unique with them and how to think about wine in combination with food. You will get many new tips and ideas to look forward to using the next time you are shopping for cheese or wine. Welcome to an evening full of Swedish flavors and enjoyment!

Cheese and Wine Tasting Stockholm with a happy group of peopleStockholm Wine Tasting with a happy man trying out white wineStockholm - Swedish Cheese and Wine Tasting

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• Professional and personal sommelier.

• Four wines paired with four cheeses.

• Discover Swedish flavors!